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Svetlana Tikhomirova, artist

Artists are often flirt with the audience nowadays, rather than focusing on their own art and experimental searching, mostly they are concerned about the publicity of personal "ego", to say in short, their own person.
Svetlana Tikhomirova – one of the few artists who is not "ill for publicity". And it seems at the same time says a lot about her as an artist. On the one hand the public flirting with the artist, operating only a few words in the definition what did they like. It's difficult to comprehend the true personality and such a hackneyed concept as "identity". But the public can be a great "detector" on feature, because despite everything, there is the concept of "attraction", where the true preferences apply to most; it is not dependent of the social, educational, cultural and moral level of each individual. Such is Svetlana Tikhomirova: universal, but uncompromising.
What about her art? You can resort to comparison, especially when you want to select out the artist, and at the same be identified with the direction, style, school. Is it a mistake to search out the identity? Comparison is indispensable. Because most artists have their own artistic ideals, admire old school painting, different streams that have passed, distinguish "their artists", seeking for compliance, similarity, discover their own art thread, and continue the work they have already begun a long time ago, adding corrections. Finally, art has never been a fashion trend, and at the same time will never be outdated. That’s why Svetlana Tikhomirova can be futurist, impressionist and more general – representative of contemporary art. Her art can be defined and more lyrically – sensual, tender, warm, light and elegant in their abstract compositions, impressionistic landscapes, animalistic topic. Svetlana’s art is at the same time feminine and musical, metaphysical as well as passionate and laconic. Most of her artworks are full of unrestrained movement, pulsation, vibration, as proof of life: " we feel the pulse of the united universe … " and such "joy of being" encompasses everyone.

Ira Skitchko
The head of the scientific research
and exposition department of Cherkassy regional art museum,
art critic

"Anyone can be an artist, right? Possibly so, but not everyone can be a good artist. Svetlana Tikhomirova is a good artist, a very good artist. Never standing still and playing it safe, no commercial influence (which would be the death of any true artist.) Her works are what she believes in with total commitment. Eschewing trends, or popular movements many artists follow slavishly purely for attention; she works on what moves her, what she feels, what makes her good.

Considering some of her animalistic artworks you can see the talent to capture movement within a still framework. This is the moment when you see flamingo preening themselves and you get a sense of the noise and calm atmosphere of the scene depicted. Most importantly, it's a convincing image of the subject; lesser artists fall into parody, poor composition and a cartoon-like quality. "Radiant Cat" perfectly captures the playful nature of it's subject. The fine detail of the ginger tom shows Svetlana's integrity as an artist; it isn't just a generic image of a cat. In this painting we also see Svetlana's warmth (a quality evident in all her works) and humour. I touched upon this.

Svetlana's work as an artist is all about passion. It is what sets her apart from some other artists who are happy to produce formulaic paintings over and over again. "Whispering Grass" is a deceptively clever painting. On first looks a simple composition; but look again and you see every brush stroke is not wasted, you begin to see the depth of the image and it begins to speak to you. How do you convey wind in a painting? Svetlana has achieved this by a sense of movement within "Whispering Grass". An outstanding achievement for any artist. But Svetlana Tikhomirova is not just any artist, she is a brilliant artist."

Daniel Field

Svetlana Tikhomirova, artist: " Through art I truly comprehend myself. "

Lives and works in Cherkasy, Ukraine. Education – higher.

A passion for painting Svetlana had manifested in early age. Memories of her childhood recall almost every day with a pencil and an album in hands. The works have been exhibited repeatedly in the school.
Issue 2001 – Cherkasy Institute of Management. Speciality – "Economist. Marketing Specialist".
Issue 2009 – Cherkasy State Technological University. Speciality – "Graphical Design". Diploma with honours.
2003 – Participant of the poster competition "Ecoworld in Artist Point" (Kiev), Silver winner.
2005 – Participant and winner of competition "Design of Industrial Packaging", 2005 (Kiev).
In period from 2001 till 2010 Svetlana tried herself as a designer in different printing companies, in a journal, as well as a manager in the field of advertising. As a result, concluded that art occupies a leading role in her life. And at this moment it is more and more absorbing and wholly engaging.

Participant of exhibitions from 2010.

Svetlana’s artworks are in private collections of Ukraine, Norway, Germany, Sweden and Australia.

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