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Svetlana TikhomirovaContemporary artist in my opinion is a person, able to convert reality into a difficult system of symbols. From this moment we take art as a transformation. Free art today – this is a battle against habitude. Looking at the painting or sculpture we have to see known before once more in a new way, to learn it anew. Modern artist contributes originality in his artwork, adding the peculiar manner of performing, innovation and conception. He creates a memorable image; easy or difficult associative array. A true artist certainly causes a thunder of emotions – from admiration to confusion and even to shock. He always leaves in his work something unforgettable, something that remains in your memory for a long time or forever. He leaves for the viewer a piece of his soul.
The art became as it is in the event of something birationally. Element of surprise makes the art beautiful.
“Modernism” – movement in art (second half of XIX – middle of XX century) contributed into society innovative opinion on reality. “Another art” creates now original artworks, based on inner freedom and on a particular vision of author. The artist uses new means of expression. Established cannons are no longer of interest.
Mostly I am guided by this principle, creating an unusual image for my future painting. During the process I do not eagerly plan a certain image or subject; I prefer spontaneity and freedom in self-expression. Unpredictable images appear by their own in the process of painting and after I just help them take on a definite form.
In other words this is my emotional and intuitive representation of reality, my thought-forms that are moving constantly in colours, changing in images and finally realised on a canvas.
Some of my works remind us that we are an integral part of the universe and people in it symbolise energy. The reality around us is reflected in our emotions as in a mirror. One need only to stop for a moment to look around, to look in the sky and nature and listen to… To feel the sound of the wind, the grass whisper, to hear the sound of morning in the city or evening. To feel the human emotions in such a difficult conglomerate as love in the urban environment. And listen to your heart…
My artworks I bind in a mosaic of feelings, fantasies and thoughts. Some of them are dynamic, some are deep and musical. Each of them has its own melody, sense and mood.

Abstract. Intuitive painting.

In recent decades, abstract painting, as well as intuitive art are becoming increasingly popular. Talent and ability to represent are less requested, much valuable today - the ability to surprise. Intellectuals especially exude abstract art among all the others. According to their opinion, art is abstract from the very beginning. Abstract comes out the very nature of the world. Wassily Kandinsky, the artist, who is often credited with the invention of abstract art movement, said: "From all directions of art, abstract painting is the most difficult. It allows the man to see with his imagination what a person can not see with his eyes. Abstract allows the artist to go beyond the material to extract finit from the infinite. This is reliese of mind. It is an explosion into unknown areas."
Intuitive painting is born out of imagination, thoughts, observations, and a certain state of mood. There is a special author's handwriting in it, his embodied soul.
This art develops thinking, intuition, forms peculiar philosophical opinion about the world.
With all the confidence we can say that the intuitive painting - a pure kind of art, without frames and prejudices. Here freedom and unpredictability, it's like an exciting children’s game: contemplating the artwork, let your imagination be infinitely free, and possibly you may hear a "dialogue of souls" between author and yourself.